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Message from the Mayor #6

Mon, 22 June 2020


If you have noticed all the colourful, uplifting knitted flowers and figures all over Wincanton, you might be curious to know the story of where they came from.

The summer of 2019 a collaboration of local friends led by local Wincanton retailers,  SEED’s Lynne Franks, Safia Shah of Bootmakers and Claudia Cole of Cole’s Yard instigated the Wincanton SEED Market as a monthly outlet for our local makers and creators, as well as bringing life to Market Place on a Saturday which traditionally closed down  at mid-day.

Organised by Lizzy Ralph a newly CO-OPTED Town Councillor in June and supported by the Town Council to hold the event on the third Saturday of every month, which included live music. The SEED Market brought a lot of new visitors to Wincanton and was building up to being recognised a must-visit Wincanton Saturday, especially with the Teen Food Market in Cole’s Yard.

The current situation put a halt to the Spring launch and it is very good news that  now with the easing of lock-down regulations, the Market will be reopening in a smaller format this coming Saturday, 20th June accompanied by uplifting music from our local duo, Left, Right and Centre.

In the meantime, the team decided at the beginning of the lock-down, that it would be a good idea to introduce Knit Wits to Wincanton, where creative knitters would make uplifting, colourful shapes and figures to be put around the town to cheer up the community.

Knitted and crochet flowers and pompoms can now be seen in Cale Park, on a tree by the care home behind the Co-op, around the schools  and in individual front gardens but the stars of all are the Knit Wit characters created and made by Knit Wit Queen, Councillor Vicky Vagg whose latest purple witch has joined her other characters on the bollards in Market Place, alongside the knitted artwork by textile artist, SEED’s Tamsyn Gregory and the knitted snake from Bootmakers.