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Working with the community.

Committees and Appointments

All Meetings take place in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Market Place,

Wincanton, BA9 9LD, unless otherwise stated:

Working Parties - Working Parties do not have any delegated decision making powers.  Their role is to obtain information, including cost implications where applicable, and to discuss and agree recommendations, for presentation in the form of a report back to Full Council.

Committees - All decisions taken by committees have to be ratified at the next meeting of the Full Council, before they can be implemented, to ensure that all members of the Town Council have the opportunity to comment on every decision taken.

Ratification at Full Council - The reports of all committee meetings are presented to the next meeting of the Full Council for ratification.  Any member who is not in agreement, and did not participate in the decision making process, can identify the reasons for objecting to the decision taken and table a proposal requesting that the matter should be referred back to the committee for further consideration.  The proposal will need to be seconded and supported by a majority of the members present for this to happen.

Full Council Planning – 2nd Monday of the month, 7pm

Full Council Meeting – 4th Monday of the month, 7pm

The Annual Parish Meeting – takes place in April and will start at 6pm

The Annual Meeting of the Council – takes place in May, 7pm

Councillors Shelbourn-Barrow and Tudgay are ex-officio members of all committees.


Cale Park Committee – Councillors Tudgay, Vagg, Smith, Walters and Shelbourn Barrow 

Town Hall Regeneration Committee - Councillors Vagg, Greening, Tudgay, Shelbourn Barrow and Ralph

Finance Committee - Councillors Smith, Vagg, Greening and Thomas

Planning Committee - Councillors Thomas (Chair), Power, Greening, Walters and Vagg

Personnel Committee - Councillors Ralph (Chair), Power, Tudgay, Vagg and Walters

Car Park Committee - Councillors Shelbourn Barrow, Smith, Thomas, Tudgay, Vagg and Power

Working Groups and Panels

Governance Working Group - Councillors Shelbourn Barrow, Greening, Vagg, Ralph and Power

WEEP Working Group - Councillors Greening, Tudgay, Ralph and Power

Wincanton For The Future - Councillors Shelbourn Barrow, Vagg, Smith

Appeals Panel - Councillors Ralph, Thomas, Greening and Tudgay

Christmas Working Group - Councillors Greening, Thomas and Tudgay

Representatives to Outside Bodies: 

Balsam Centre – Councillor Greening

Citizens Advice Bureau – Councillor Vagg

Community Accessible Transport (CAT) –  

Friends of Wincanton Community Hospital - 

Live at Home – Councillor Walters

Memorial Hall – Councillor Ralph 

Planning Councillor – Councillor Thomas

Tourist Information – Deputy Town Clerk

Wincanton Chamber of Trade Representative – 

Wincanton Museum Representative – Councillor Vagg 

Wincanton Schools Representative – Councillors Greening and Power 

Wincanton Sports Ground Representative – Councillors Ralph and Power 

Winibus Representative – 

Wincanton United Charities - Councillor Tudgay