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Working with the community.

Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan

The Town Council has produced a Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out the type of future growth the town needs.

It includes policies to support new workspace and jobs, the green spaces that need protecting, a project to improve the town centre environment and many others. When adopted, it will sit alongside the Local Plan and influence planning decisions.

The next stage is to hold a Referendum, which will take place on 8th February 2018. If successful, the Plan will be 'Made' i.e. become a formal part of our local planning system.

Neighbourhood Planning was enacted by the Localism Act 2012. Over 1300 communities across England are working on their Plan, and already over 100 have been passed at the referendum.

You can view the Plan using the link below. Or you see how the Plan was produced using the links on the left.

Latest News 

Notice of Referendum & Referendum Information Statement - both SSDC Notices

Download the Neighbourhood Plan - Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan (2.8MB, pdf)

Read the Examiners Report on the Plan here - Final Report on Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan












Wincanton received an award in 2005 from the South West of England Regional Development Agency (SWERDA) under the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative (MCTi) to help Wincanton and the outlying villages identify their priorities for the future, and draw up an Action Plan for working towards the objectives identified.


Wincanton People's Plan

Full Wincanton People's Plan: 2006 - 2026 (2.7MB) DOWNLOAD
WPP Launch PowerPoint Presentation (2.1MB) DOWNLOAD

The Wincanton People's Plan is a large document, so it has also been made available divided into the following sections.

Acknowledgement DOWNLOAD
Our Vision - Our Goals DOWNLOAD
Summary of the Wincanton People's Plan DOWNLOAD
Wincanton and community planning DOWNLOAD
Our vision for Wincanton by 2026 DOWNLOAD
Achieving our goals: business and economy DOWNLOAD
Achieving our goals: social and community DOWNLOAD
Achieving our goals: transport and environment DOWNLOAD
Bringing it all together: the Plan DOWNLOAD
Next steps DOWNLOAD
Annex A: The community research DOWNLOAD

WPP Health Check Report 2006

Full WPP Health Check Report 2006 (0.9MB) DOWNLOAD

The Health Check Report is a large document, so it has also been made available divided into the following sections.

Section 1 (pages 1 to 13) DOWNLOAD
Section 2 - Economy (pages 14 to 52 DOWNLOAD
Section 3 - Environment (pages 53 - 63) DOWNLOAD
Section 4 - Social & Community (pages 64 to 94) DOWNLOAD
Section 5 - Transport & Accessibility (pages 95 to 105) DOWNLOAD