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Working with the community.


Wincanton Skate Park

Wincanton Town Council is pleased to announce that it has received grant funding from Viridor Credits, Sports England, South Somerset District Council, Avon and Somerset Police and a donation from The Friends of Wincanton Community Hospital towards improving the Skate Park at Southgate Road.  Wincanton Town Council has secured a public works loan for the remaining amount of the project.

Several young people who used the skate park attended a Town Council meeting to raise their concerns regarding the state of the skate park; and repairs that were needed.  The metal skate ramps have reached the end of their useable life and it will not be viable to continue maintaining them in the future.

Wincanton Town Council held public consultations on the design of the skate park, gathering positive feedback and support from local people and Councillors ensuring that the needs were met.

Maverick Industries were chosen as contractor for the Skate Park project, working with Wincanton Town Council they have drawn up plans for a new concrete skate park.

Work on the new skate park will commence in January 2020, the metal skate ramps will be removed and a new durable concrete skate park will be built, it is estimated that the works will take about 12 weeks.


Wincanton Skate Park has been a valuable asset to Wincanton since it opened in 2004.  It is situated at the far end of Cale Park.  Cale Park as part of Cale Park Regeneration Project has been fully refurbished over the last couple of years to provide a top quality park for visitors and residents of Wincanton.

Several young people who regularly skated at the Skate Park attended a meeting of the Full Council and raised their concerns regarding the state of the Skate Park and repairs that were needed.  The Town Council agreed that a group of Councillors would be set up to liaise with the young people and report back to Council.

The existing metal skate ramps are reaching the end of their useable life and it will not be viable to continue maintaining them in the future.

With the construction of a state of the art concrete, hard wearing, smooth surface skate facility, this will dramatically improve the maintenance and safety isssues as well as improving the skating experience for all wheeled users of the facility.  It will be suitable for BMX bikes, Scooters, In-Line Skates, Roller Skates and Skateboards.  It will be suitable for all ages and abilities, male and female.

Public Consultations:

Community Consultation events were held at Wincanton Town Hall on 10th April 2019 and 24th June 2019.  A representative from Maverick Industries was present to answer questions and gather feedback on the design and layout of the proposed project for the Skate Park.  The local police and PCSO attended the consultation and the event attracted residents from Wincanton, Buckhorn Weston (4 miles away) and Henstridge (6.6 miles away).  Questionnaires handed out at the consultation included questions on approval to the improvement of the Skate Park and support for Wincanton Town Council to apply for a loan to cover the cost of the project.  Questionnaires completed gave positive feedback for the need for the skate park to be refurbished and support for Wincanton Town Council in applying for a loan to cover the cost of the project.

Public Consultation Event - Monday 24th June 2019

Public Consultation Event - Wednesday 10th April 2019

Wincanton Town Council is in the early stages of replacing the current Skate Park at the Recreation Ground with a new wheeled play area.

To ensure we provide the right facilities for all users, we are holding a consultation event at the Town Hall, Wednesday 10th April 2019, 3pm - 7pm.

The event will show the plans for the area and a representative from Maverick Industries will be available to discuss ideas and feedback on the plans.

Please come along to show your support for this new project.

Telephone: 01963 31693

Town Clerk: Ms Sam Atherton


Deputy Town Clerk: Mrs Muriel Cairns




Advertising the Public Consultations:

Advertising for the community consultations was done via social media - local face-book pages, Instagram, Wincanton Window - a local community web magazine, news article on Wincanton Town Council website, news article in The Word - local community magazine that is distributed to all households in Wincanton.  Posters were put up around town and at the Skate Park, posters were handed to the three local schools, and emailed to schools in the surrounding area that Wincanton young people attend. People also got to hear about the consultation through word of mouth.


Funding the Project

Estimates for the Project = £158,000

Pre Construction Phase

Designs - £14,200

Construction Phase

Preliminaries - £28,955

Groundsworks, Steelworks and Concrete Phase - £106,050

Landscaping & Planting and Ancillary Works - £8,795


Minute from Town Council Meeting held on Monday 12th August 2019 in the Town Hall:


Proposed by Councillor Tudgay, seconded by Councillor Vagg, council voted unanimously confirming the amendment to the resolution of the 10th June 2019, reducing the amount to £130,000, due to successful funding applications.

Minute from Town Council Meeting held on Monday 22nd July 2019 in the Town Hall:


On a proposal from Councillor Old, seconded by Councillor Tudgay, council voted unanimously for the Chair and Clerk to sign the application for a loan for a new skate park.

Minute from Town Council Meeting held on Monday 10th June 2019 in the Town Hall:


It was RESOLVED to seek the approval of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to apply for a PWLB of £160,000 over the borrowing term of 25 years for the replacement Skate Park.  The annual loan repayments will come to around £6,400.  It is not intended to increase the Council Tax Precept for the purpose of the loan repayments.  Proposed by Councillor Tudgay, seconded by Councillor Hearne.  Vote:  Unanimous.

If you have any views or opinions you wish to feed in, please contact The Town Clerk at Wincanton Town Council direct on 01963 31693


Donation Letters:

Sent out to several local companies and groups:

Friends of Wincanton Community Hospital pledged £250 towards the project.

Applied for Grants/Funding to:

Sports England - Community Asset - Awarded £20,000

South Somerset District Council - Community Grant - Awarded £12,500

Avon & Somerset Police Asset Fund - £3,000

Viridor Credits - Awarded £50,000


National Lottery - Community Fund - Unsuccessful

Sports England - Small Grants - Not eligible

Battens Solicitors - Unsuccessful

Screwfix - Unsuccessful