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Waste Collections

Tue, 24 July 2018

Waste Collections start from 6am

Recycling and rubbish collections will start daily at 6am from now on due to the high temperatures.  Please ensure your bins and boxes are all out in time for the early start (an no earlier than the night before), and note that some collections times may change.  The new start time will continue until cooler weather returns.  Crews have been reminded to keep the noise down; apologies in advance for the sound of glass and cans.  To help crews get your waste collected, please: sort and roughly segregate materials in boxes without using carrier bags, rinse all containers and squash all but glass and aerosols; cut up all large card and flatten all cardboard boxes.

Quick reminder on plastic ...

Plastic bottles are the only plastics taken at the kerbside; household and food plastic pots, tubs and trays are taken at all 16 recycling sites:

Tetra Paks, other beverage cartons and single-use plastic-lined coffee cups are taken at 12 recycling sites:

More on how to recycle as much as possible ...

For more on what Somerset Waste do and do not take at the kerbside for recycling: