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Wed, 13 January 2021

Wincanton Online Safety Talk 21 Jan 2021 for Facebook administration roles


The webinar will focus on 


  • Cyber bullying, trolling and the importance of making everyone feel safe when using their social media pages. The role of admin by thinking carefully what they post and monitoring the comment threads in order to create a culture of respect. 


  • Vulnerability of some adults due to learning difficulties or mental health.


  • Safeguarding of children and how to report any inappropriate or concerning activity and also the appropriate way to report any criminal activity and where to access information and advice on cyber safety.


This course is provided free by Avon and Somerset Police Cyber Team.


Limited places are available so book quickly to secure your place.



Cyber Team

Avon and Somerset Police

Kenneth Steele House, Feeder Road, Bristol, BS2 2AS