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Why you should vote Yes on February 8th

Wed, 3 January 2018

The Wincanton Neighbourhood Plan aims to shape future development that will enhance the town and help build a balanced community and local economy.

This Town Council initiative has been produced by a steering group of community, health and local business representatives and Town and District Councillors.

After three years of consultation and lengthy technical work, the Plan has been approved to go to a public referendum on 8th February. If successful, it will become a formal part of the local planning system.

So why should you vote Yes at the Referendum? Because the Plan;

  • Protects our precious green spaces from development
  • Identifies the most suitable locations for new businesses and jobs
  • Improves walking and cycling routes across the town
  • Reduces traffic problems including speeding and HGV movements
  • Supports the High Street with a 20mph zone and streetscene improvements
  • And perhaps most importantly, a Yes vote would bring in additional funding to the town – 25% of the Community Infrastructure Levy, a charge made on almost all new development! Without a yes vote, the town will only get 15%. This could fund improvements to our roads, schools, health services, leisure and community facilities or environment – it would be our choice.

Please make sure you vote on 8th February for a better future for Wincanton and vote Yes!

You can view the Plan on the Neighbourhood Plan section of this site.